Excursions off the beaten tracks to visit artisans in nearby villages can be organised as well as camel rides to discover part of the desert and people living in.

To learn about artcraft and musique of the tribes people is also possible.


Here is an example of available activities for a stay of 3 nights on site :




Day 1: Jeep Safaris in artisans villages


Morning time : arrival at Pabu Ki Dhani, then we leave to local artisans villages (artisans could start again their work because of the help of Malenbaï NGO). We will meet a potter in Hada village, he works with a traditional manuel tour; we will discover his work, his house, his family...

We will visit a temple (Kali Dunger), from this temple we have a wonderful view on Thar desert.


Then we will meet the workshop of a weaver who started his activity in a very old village, he makes carpets out of goats and camels'hair; he will explain us his way of working, the story of his village. His wife grounds flour by hand ; children drive us towards houses,. Families in this village are very poor and they welcome you with a lot of joy.



Back to Pabu Ki Dhani for lunch.

Resting time and discovery of our place and of the people living in.
All together we will prepare diner : we will get wood for a fire, make chapatis, cook vegetables, etc...

We will admire the beautiful sunset, and in the evening time, we will have diner around the fire

and we will listen to desert tribes chanting under the milky way.




Day 2: Safari on camelback or by jeep to visit archeological sites.




After breakfast, we will ride a camel to discover the Thar desert, dried rivers full of fossiles, very old hindu graves, natural lakes, meeting point for many birds and wild animals. ( camel ride lasts about 1h30 to 2 hours).


We will cook a meal in a village under the shadow of a tree, near a lake, it will be like a small camp.

By the end of the afternoon, back to our place by jeep or on camel back.


We will cook dinner and eat around a fire with the tribes chanting under the stars.






Day 3 : Participate actively



After breakfast, desert women will teach us how to make a traditional plaster and we will make it with them, and we will make a final finedown on walls and terrasses with this plaster.


We will have lunch at our place, and we will leave towards joggis'villages in a jeep or on camel back.

We can also offer you to learn thru workshops from our place ; rope making, potters, stone sculpture, traditional paintings, cooking lessons or learning a little from desert musical instruments.

Evening time,: we will share and have a meal around the fire, we will make rotas (small round pieces of bread cooked into hot sand.)




Day 4 :


After breakfast, back to Jaisalmer.

There are possibilities to stay a longer time if people like to.






2500rps per personne for one night in a hut on full board (3meals and mineral water)

For the activities between 400rps and 800rps per personne:

800rps : the artcraft villages safaris by jeep

800rps : the full day camel safaris

600rps : the evening camel safaris

400rps : the activities with villagers (two persons minimum)

The jeep transfert from Jaisalmer until our house is costing 1000rps one way, so 2000rps two ways.